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2 Setting Time/Date REC/PAUSE+ _ HOLD _ _+ + STOPMODE Press MODE key and press it repeatedly till it shows CLOCK blinking. Press PLAY to start setting the date, STOPMODE + BUTTON the year is presented first. PLAY BUTTON Pressing + and – adjust the date. Pressing PLAY confirms your choice, and moves to the next setting. When all adjustments are complete, Press PLAY to confirm. When you confirm the screen will blink for a moment or two, MODE and then revert to normal. BUTTON – BUTTON 3 Recording a

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CALENDAR AND CLOCK DISPLAY MODES Precise time is displayed in hourminutes- seconds format in the middle line of the Atomic Alarm Clock. The date is displayed in month-date format on the top line next to the day of the week. MANUAL SETTINGS TIME ZONE * Select the Time Zone by pressing and holding the UP ( ) button for 3 seconds. * Keep holding UP ( ) button until the desired time zone (Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern) is highlighted on the clock’s display map. CLOCK * Press and hold MODE bu


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You sold it for 15.00 a share What is the Gross Profit Margin ? I— COST —| SELL ] ►[MARGIN] |—MARGIN—| 10.00 f costI 15.00 f sell! ( You made 33.33 % profit.) |— sell —, cost] I bought an investment property at 175,000 I would like to make 15% profit 15 [margin) ^The property should be sold for $ 205,882.) The car has a MSRP Selling price of 35,000 \ sell! Dealers makes 15% profit 15 MARGIN (How much did he buy the car for ? 29,750) Last Digit Correction Use backspace key [—►]to de

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Warranty TELEDEX INC. warrants these products to the original purchaser to be free from defective material and workmanship. The product will be repaired or replaced at our option, for up to one year. TELEDEX INC. 1 Atlas st. Kenilworth, NJ 07033 Warranty valid only in the U.S.A. Printed in China 9/12


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only) \ Reset Hole COO ALARM^^^ 12/24 m m chime ^ • RESET o Automatically Shuts Light OFF when Standing Bottom Inserting the Batteries Before using your LED-45 insert Five 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries: 1. Remove back cover 2. Insert batteries, following polarity diagram 3. Replace the cover Note: Three batteries are for LIGHT Two batteries are for CLOCK To Reset the Clock Insert paper clip into RESET Hole H Back Side Set the Time Note: To select Military Time Press 12/24 Button


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That's good for the Earth! Function Press Displayed Add 152 + 38 = Subtract 78 - 22 = Multiply 22 x 12 = Divide 312- 6 = Square Root 225 Percent 120 x 20 % Deposit 500 M+ Withdraw 100 M- Balance MR Owner's Manual Clear Balance MC ON/C 190 56 264 52 15 24 m 500 m 100 m 400 Operation Press ON/C to turn on the calculator, or to clear an old calculation and start a new one. Press CE to clear an incorrect entry before you press an operation key, or to clear errors. +


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This key is also used to clear all calculations, which is accomplished with a tap. [OFF] Turns the calculator off. The unit also has an auto power-off feature which turns the unit off after 5 minutes of non-use. [CE] Tapping this key clears only the last entry without clearing the problem. Note: The Lithium battery in this calculator should be replaced approximately every 2 years. Battery Replacement Features Calculate the Time and Value of Money (Savings, Automobile and Mortgage Loans). Interes


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In this package you will find: • One Table Alarm Clock • One User Manual Please keep this manual handy as you use your newitem. It contains practical step-by-step instructions, as well as technical specifications and precautionsyou should know. PRODUCT OVERVIEW FEATURES * Precise time and date set via RF signals from the US Atomic Clock * Calendar displaying date with month and day of the week in English, Spanish or French* Indoor temperature display with trend indicator* Moon Phase indicator *


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Collins, Colorado. It transmits an exact time signal continuously throughout the most of the continental United States at 60 KHz frequency. The Jumbo Atomic Clock can receive this WWVB signal through the internal antenna from up to 2,000 miles away. Due to the nature of the Earth’s ionosphere, reception can be limited during the daylight hours. The radio controlled clock will search for an alternate station that receives the atomic time signal from the NIST Atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado.The