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Esoteric X-05

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Categoría: reproductores de CD

Pressing and holding these buttons for more than a second changes the scanning speed (page 14). 9 ENGLISH Front panel display a u H *SA-CDVCD • DVD-AV I H DOWN MIX cDCH I MULTI] LSHs1_rRSirLFE n Disc type indicator Shows the type of disc currently loaded CD or SACD. Note: This display also lights when DVD video, DVD audio or Video CD discs are loaded (but playback of these types of discs is not possible with this unit). ^ REPEAT indicator Lights when repeat play mode is select

Esoteric X-03

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< Do not stick papers or protective sheets on the discs and do not use any protective coating spray. < Use a soft oil-based felt-tipped pen to write the information on the label side. Never use a ball-point or hard-tipped pen, as this may cause damage to the recorded side. < Never use a stabilizer. Using commercially available CD stabilizers with this unit will damage the mechanisms and cause them to malfunction. < Do not use irregular shape CDs (octagonal, heart shaped, business card size, etc.

Esoteric X-01 D2

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WORD DAC LAYER (normal display) < If you leave the unit idle for 10 seconds, the setting mode will be cancelled. 2 Use the SKIP buttons (.//) to select the options within the menu item. 3 Individual menu functions are described on pages 17-18. Repeatedly press the MODE button until the display returns normal (or leave the unit idle for 10 seconds) to exit the setup mode. Pressing the STOP button also finishes the setup mode. < Switching off the power without exiting the setup mode may cause prob

Esoteric UX-1

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If a menu is shown on screen (some DVD or video discs may show such a menu), see the next section. On-screen menu An on-screen menu is shown when a DVD or video CD with playback control (PBC) content is loaded. The way in which the menu works may differ from disc to disc. DVD menus Use the cursor buttons to select the menu item from a DVD, and confirm the selection using the ENTER button. Returning to the menu screen Press either the MENU button or (to return to the top menu) the TOP MENU button

Esoteric SA-10

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Esoteric K-03

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It has been seven years since the debut of the original X-01, with its high-precision and high-rigidity VRDS-NEO SACD/CD transport mechanism. The X-01/X-03 series, which have stayed at the top of ESOTERIC’s all-in-one SACD/CD player lineup, have been completely updated and make their debut as the all-new “K” series in November 2010. The design concept of the K series is extremely clear and simple -- a 2-channel D/A converter and stereo player that gives a stress-free musical experience, without

Esoteric G-25U

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Categoría: Registradores de tiempo

circuit. This reduces the audible frequency digital jitter to less than 1/100 level. Even though the connected component has no WORD SYNC IN terminals, The G-25U can provide highly accurate digital signals regenerated by the internal crystal clock. The signal is convertible up to 192kHz. By the highly accurate crystal master clock and DSRLL. circuit, the air around the music is accurately reproduced; the extraordinary ambience and clarity are realized. Digital selector The unit has 3 systems of

Esoteric G-0s

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Categoría: Los receptores de radio

Esoteric DV-60

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Esoteric D00864200A

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< Some amplifiers may regard this signal as DVD-Audio. < DSD signal is output during playback of a SACD disc, and linear PCM digital signal during playback of a DVD-Audio disc. i.OFF Select this when you don’t use the i.LINK (AUDIO) terminal. No signal is output from the i.LINK (AUDIO) terminal. < There is no difference between i.60958 and i.PCM as far as SACD or DVD-Audio disc playback is concerned. < Set the Analog Out setting to “Multi channel” to output the surround sound from a DVD-Audio an