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Atlantis Land XClass Keyboard A04-K302AC

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Atlantis Land WIRELESS ROUTER ADSL A02-RA240-W54

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2. Double-click LAN Area Connection. 3. In the LAN Area Connection Status window, click Properties. 4. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties. 5. Select the Obtain an IP address automatically and the Obtain DNS server address automatically radio buttons. 6. Click OK to finish the configuration. Configuring PC (WindowsXP) 1. Go to Start / Control Panel (in Classic View). In the Control Panel, double-click on Network Connections. 2. Double-click Local Area Connection. ENGLISH 3. In

Atlantis Land WIRELESS ROUTER ADSL A02-RA210-W54

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Reset After the device has turned on, press it to reset the device or restore to factory default settings. The operation is as below: 0-3 seconds: reset the device 3-6 seconds: no action 10 seconds or above: restore to factory default settings (this is used when you can not login to the router, e.g. forgot the password) POWER (jack) Connect the supplied power adapter to this jack. POWER Switch A Power ON/OFF switch ENGLISH 1.4 Cabling ENGLISH 1.4 Cabling First you must connect the product to the

Atlantis Land WEBSHARE A02-RA241

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The best and easy way is to configure the PC to get an IP address from the WebShare 241 Router ADSL2+ (DHCP client). Please follow the steps below for PC’s network environment installation. First of all, please check your PC’s network components. The TCP/IP protocol stack and Ethernet network adapter must be installed. If not, please refer to MS Windows relative manuals. Before you configure this WebShare 241 ADSL Router2+, you need to know the following default settings: • Username:admin • Pass

Atlantis Land WEBRUNNER USB A01-PU2

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ENGLISH • Fax Group 3, Class 1 (14.400 bps)42 • V.80/H.324 P • Error Correction V.42/MNP 2-4 1.4 Hardware Requirements Make sure that you have all you need to install the WebRunner r USB. You should have the following: • A PC that has USB connector and its USB controller is working properly as shown below • Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME,2000 or XP • Linux OS (kernel 2.4 e kernel 2.6) • At least 10MB of free disk space for the driver and software • Intel® Pentium® 233 Mhz or compatible processor wit

Atlantis Land WEBRUNNER PCI A01-PP3R

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Atlantis Land WebRunner A01-PU2

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La comoda connessione USB, per collegare e scollegare il Modem senza spegnere il Personal, sfrutta l’alimentazione del PC. Lo standard V.92 consente una connessione rapida ignorando alcuni passaggi della sequenza di training e stabilendo la connessione più velocemente. Permette inoltre una co-municazione in upstream fino a 48Kbps. Il protocollo V.44 migliora la compressione dati fino al 30%, diminuendo i tempi di attesa. WebRunner Società certificata ISO 9001:2000 А TLANTIS 'AND WebRunner

Atlantis Land WEB RUNNER A01-PU1

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Moreover, it concurs a communication in upstream until 48Kbps. Thanks to the V.44 protocol, it improves the data compression until to 30%, diminishing the times of wait. Italian software allows to manage the modem like a digital answer phone. It could be also used as a real telephone / fax. ^ Internet connection with V.92 technology ^ G3 fax up to 14.400bps ^ “Hot” Plug&Play ^ Easy installation and use Company certified ISO 9001:2000 Web Runner USB V.90/V.92 modem 56K A01-PU1 Technical F

Atlantis Land WEB RUNNER 56K V.90/V.92

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Atlantis USB Modem is a very flexible modem that has one of the smallest real estate and power consumption out on the market. Because of the simplicity of the modem design, the time to market is quick and less overhead. With this modem, all future driver releases will be a simple software update. 1.2 Package Contents The product package comes with the following accessories: ♦ Web Runner USB ♦ CR Rom with drivers, manuals and FaxTalk ♦ One RJ-11 ADSL telephone cable ♦ One USB cable ♦ QSG

Atlantis Land VoIP Master 301

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Slide the battery door to close it. 3. Put the handset into the base unit for charging for 15 hours before initial use. Making a Skype call To make Skype to Skype calls: • Press Contacts • Use Up/ Down key to scoll down and select the contacts you want to call • Press Send button make the call • When finished the call, press the end button Setting up Your Phone Once the handset is turned on, it is required to configure for the first time as follows: Language - Select Language Agreement - Read th