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Lava Computer LAVATHERM 33600

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Pass them on to any future owners. With the warning triangle and/or by means of key words (Danger!, Caution!, Attention!), information is emphasized which is important for your safety or the correct functioning of the appliance. It is essential that this information is observed. This symbol guides you step by step when operating the appliance. Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and information about the economical and enviro

Lava Computer Lava BoxTM Distortion SFX-05

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Categoría: Instrumentos Musicales

General Information The Lava Box is not your ordinary distortion/overdrive pedal. It actually reacts more like a great amp than a stompbox, with the depth and dynamics that give well-made amps so much character. When you think about the tones that defined so many of the true guitar heroes throughout history, they all really speak.They cut through.They say something. A huge part of that is in the rich midrange frequencies that the amplifiers of the day naturally produced. And, because those amps

Lava Computer 2SP-550

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Ensure that the card is well seated. 3. Screw the metal bracket of the 2SP-PCIe card to your PC's casing, screw the second serial port bracket to the casing also, and replace the machine's cover. 4. Turn the PC on. 5. When Windows starts, it will find a 2SP-PCIe Controller and will ask you for a driver for this device.When prompted, insert the installation CD into your floppy drive. After copying the necessary files,Windows may restart your PC in order to complete the installation of the 2SP-