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Califone Survival Signs MCFSS-D

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800-722-0500 MCFPB-D, January 2008

Califone Spirit PA916-SD

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circuit Frequency Response 45 Hz to 18 kHz Amplifier 90 Watts RMS Sound Pressure Level 94 dB, 1 Watt @ 1 Meter Power Sources 100-240 volt AC universal power supply, two 12 volt (sealed and maintenance-free) lead acid batteries included Wireless System Transmitter 16-channel UHF wireless, 740-801MHz, PLL, 300’ range Receivers Two 16-channel UHF wireless, 740-801MHz, PLL, internal antenna, on/off volume control, Audio & Radio Frequency receiving LED, 150’ reception range from mics (handheld wirele

Califone Readiness MCFR1-D

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Tailored for differentiated learning, these 7 digital modules support the five key areas that are essential to effective early reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension). They are also ideal for those who are performing just slightly below grade level. The "Play Ball” program presents interactive narrative reading, phonemic awareness and comprehension activities with the Phonemic Awareness & Comprehension segments including testing sections f

Califone R-2000

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2 In case of multi-channel operation, proper selection of non-interference channels is of utmost importance. 3 Remove batteries out of the microphone if the unit is not to be used for a long period. 4 Tuned circuits and variable resistors & capacitors inside the transmitter and the receiver have been precisely adjusted, please do not make any adjustment. Otherwise, normal operation will be interrupted. Printed in Taiwan, SEP 2001 WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEM Operating Manual R CAUTION 1.Since use

Califone R-1000

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The combination for R-1000 or R-2000 could be selected as the following. BASIC COMBINATION SYSTEMR-1000 / R-2000 matches Q-1000 M-1000 BASIC COMBINATION SYSTEM When two or more wireless microphone are used carriers must be different from the others in order to avoid mutual interference. To make sure that the system performs correctly please place the receiver at least 1 meter above the ground and at least 1 meter away from concrete walls or metal surfaces to prevent any reflection. The microphon

Califone Q319

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Repack the unit in the carton and await inspection by the carrier’s claim agent. Notify your dealer of the pending freight claim. Returning Your Unit For Service or Repairs Should your unit require service, contact your dealer or call Califone directly (Customer Service Department) at (800) 722-0500 to first obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number or via email Damage Requiring Service The microphone should be serviced by qualified personnel when: • Objects have fallen or

Califone Q-316

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Provides for quick and effortless wireless delivery. "Project Intercept" Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties with your Q-316. Our "Project Intercept" customer service program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email Visit our website at to learn more about the complete line of wired and wireless Califone"1 headphones and other audio products including: Public address systems, wireless microphone

Califone PresentationPro PA300 Plus

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PresentationPro Model PA300 Plus 1. Lightweight with built-in handle for easy mobility 2. Green LED light on front gives visual confirmation of power 3. Switchable power supply 4. Separate bass, treble controls for quality sound 5. Line output to additional speakers 6. Aux in and line inputs connect with LCD projectors, multimedia players, computers and whiteboards 7. CE/C-UL approved safe for school, church, government uses 8. Accepts XLR / 1/4" mic inputs so two microphones can operat

Califone PowerPro PA919SD

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Although there are 5 LEDs on the front of the PA919PS only 3 lights function on this unit because there is only one receiver. The red LED indicates RF, the amber LED is for audio, and the green LED indicates power On. Full Wireless Operation As the transmitter on the PA919 and PA919SD is preset on channel 13, the receiver of the PA919PS is also set on 13. Any audio from the PA919SD can be transmitted to the PA919PS without wiring. There is no limit on the number of PA919PS speakers that can be u

Califone PowerPro PA919PS

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Once YES/ NO is selected, short press “MENU” once to delete all the files. “Play list,” ”Artists,”“Album,”“Genre,”and“Composers” These items are currently disabled on this version. Record Mode 1. When record mode is entered, recording starts immediately. Long press “PLAY / PAUSE” to stop recording and save the file. Once saving is complete, the system goes to Voice Mode automatically. After saving is complete you can long press “MENU” to exit record mode and return to the main menu. Voice Mode Q