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Cable Electronics MP50A

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Categoría: Auriculares y micrófonos

TX 75041 Toll free: 800.767.6189 Uses the latest technology to ensure 24/7 operation Easily installs on the back of most LCD panels Simple and friendly on screen interface and remote control Excellent for digital signage in stand alone applications Available as board only for simple integration into POP displays Real time clock allows for easy schedule of content delivery ©7006 Cot«. Electronic». WC orxi CE lot* Orp laQntmed t>o

Cable Electronics DVDR7300H

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Categoría: El receptor y el amplificador

Cable Electronics CELABS HSW88C

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Categoría: TV

warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of one year from the purchase by the original purchaser. If this product is defective or malfunctions, Cable Electronics will replace or repair this unit (at their option) within a reasonable time. No expressed or implied warranty is made for any defects caused by immersion or exposure to liquids, abuse, neglect, improper operation of unit, excess wear and tear and defects result

Cable Electronics 1001ST

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Categoría: El receptor y el amplificador

Or CATV Typical application diagram. 1001ST This unit allows any stereo Audio/Video source, to distribute Audio and Video to different locations over standard coax cable. The RF output can be changed to any channel between 14 to 69 or cable channels from 65 to 125 ( 95-99 not included). VIDEO Nominal Input level: Input Impedance: Isolation port to port: Isolation out to input: Video bandwidth: AUDIO Nominal Input level: Input impedance: THD: Frequency Response: Channel Separation: Signal