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Loewe Viewvision DR+DVB-T

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3/4 (only hard disk drive HDD) Detailed information Title menu Recorder/TV operation Channel overview 3456 Select channel or P+/- Programme magazine Picture-in-picture during playback Recording Insert disk – Insert recordable disk – Select recording medium HDD/ DVD or – 34TV – 56TV HDD/TV DVD Select signal source or P+/- Start recording manually Stop recording manually Programme timed recording – Enter data – – ShowView – Enter data – – Timer overview Terminate menu Recording of Loewe SAT-TV See

Loewe Spheros R 37Full-HD+

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Note the direction of the arrow printed on the Smart Card. Inserting the CA module in the Cl slot Switch off the TV set's mains switch. Ejector button Remove the cover from the rear of the set. Carefully insert the CA module in Cl slot 1 or Cl slot 2 with the contact side forward. If you are standing in front of the TV set (display) then the logo on the CA module must be pointing to the rear. Do not use force. Make sure the module is not twisted in the process. If the CA module is corre

Loewe Spheros R 32 HD+

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Connections rear side of the device .. Welcome............................................. Scope of delivery.................................. About this operating manual................ TV set equipment.................................. Trademarks........................................... Acknowledgements.............................. Operating convenience with wizards..... The wizards in overview........................ Info display and TV index...................... For your safety

Loewe CONNECT 42

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16:00-16:05 Rundschau hr-fernsehen 16:00-16:30 Schlemmerreise Spanien MDR FERNS... 16:00-16:15 Hier ab vier NDR FS HH 16:00-16:30 Tipps und Trends - Der Verbraucher... SWR Fernse... 16:00-16:05 Baden-Wurttemberg aktuell 2 ZDF EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) Mon 31.07./16:05 Detail View Record Page ^v Select time Select date, ... , topics Date Time Stations Topics Mon 31.07. now all all until 17:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 Charmed - Zauberhafte Hexen . Call the programme pages of the current station. C

Loewe CONNECT 37

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Daily operation Status display ....In normal TV mode, without other displays. END: Show/hide status display. For MHEG-5, INFO-button. .14:42 Alarm time 20:00 Sleep timer 23:00 1 Das Erste Dolby Digital . 2 14:30 15:15 Toskana Language-/sound selection You will see the number and name of the station and the title of the current broadcast (if available) and the sound identification in the top two lines. A selection (see right hand column), the time and, if activated, the alarm time and switch-off

Loewe CONNECT 32

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......The file names must have the extension “.mp3”. Alternative specifications such as MP3 Surround or similar are not supported. Plug a card reader (with a USB cable) or a USB stick into the USB port on the TV set (see page 5 and 6). Starting the MusicBox Call Assist+ menu. ....Mark MusicBox, OK continue. If there is only one memory medium the MusicBox is started with the MusicBox list (see right column). If several media are available select with .... memory medium and then with,, OK start Mu

Loewe Centros 1202

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Categoría: lector de DVD

4.200 11 111: ::23: ::03 3212232122 DVD Rec_Centros_GB.indbDVD Rec_Centros_GB.indb 1 112 226.0 004.2005 55 1 23 03 Contents Remote control RC3 – DVD operation Centros Front Panel Centros Rear Panel & Display Welcome Thank you Scope of delivery Set up Disposal Cleaning For your safety Advantages of connection to a Loewe TV set Essential Information Writable Discs Playable Discs Disc-related Terms Types of Video CDs Symbols DVD-R and DVD-RW discs DVD-R and DVD-RW Discs DVD+R and DVD+RW Discs DVD R

Loewe Centros 1172

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Categoría: lector de DVD

The selected track is moved. Saving programme lists MP3 This recorder automatically saves the programmed user list for the disc. The programme list remains in memory, even when the disc is taken out or the recorder is switched off.. 37 - 6. 4.200 1 1111: ::23: ::3 338 88 3212232122 DVD Rec_Centros_GB.indbDVD Rec_Centros_GB.indb 3 337 772 226.0 004.2005 55 23 - 38 Playing a photo disc JPEG The recorder can be used to play discs with JPEG fi les. Before playback, read the “Notes on JPEG fi les“ on

Loewe Articos 55 HD

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High-quality technology from cooperation with Carl Zeiss and Texas Instruments. Future-proof digital DVI interface (HDTV-ready including HDCP). Technical data Image: Automatic Movie Detection (AMD) Diagonal Contour Control (DCC) Digital Line Interpolation (DLI) Digital Motion Interpolation Plus (DMI Plus) Digital Movie Mode Plus (DMM Plus) Digital Noise Control (DNC) Digital Scene Control (DSC) Digital Transient Improvement Plus (DTI Plus) Digital Comb Filter Plus Downscaling/upscaling Format op

Loewe 26

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Modern design - graceful contours. HD LCD technology with brilliant picture in 16 : 9 format and 66 cm screen diagonal. Integrated DVB-T/DVB-C incl. CI. Digital satellite reception may be retrofitted. HD ready. Optimum display of high-definition HDTV content via HDMI digital interface DJ3 Digital Video Broadcasting ready Technical information Image: ■ Automatic Movie Detection (AMD) ■ Brightness cd/m2: 500 ■ Contrast: 1,200 : 1 ■ Digital+ ■ Downscaling/upscaling ■ Format options: 1